Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a non-progressive injury to the immature brain that takes place either before birth, during deliver or shortly after delivery.  Many times it is impossible to know when exactly the injury took place.  It is not inherited or genetic.  In general the injury that took place to the developing brain is not something that gets worse, but the muscle and orthopedic problems that are part of CP can get more problematic over time.  People with CP can being extremely smart, but can also have cognitive delays.  They may walk with some difficult or may be completely wheelchair dependent.  There are even people in wheelchairs who can’t speak verbally but are very intelligent and communicate with computers or other strategies.   The goal of management of the secondary issues related to CP includes maximizing development of motor skills, movement and self care independence; working with schools to maximize education and communication; prevention of progressive orthopedic deformities; reduce pain; and delay or reduce need for surgery for orthopedic problems.  While Dr. Benjamin does treat children with CP, he also sees adults with CP and is the regions most experienced provider in the treatment of issues related to cerebral palsy.

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