Electrodiagnostics, commonly known as EMG or nerve testing is a procedure that can help find carpal tunnel syndrome, spinal nerve compression and neuropathy. There are two parts of the test.  One is nerve stimulation, which feels like strong static electricity.  It measures the speed and of the nerve signal and can help isolate if it’s being injured at the carpal tunnel, neck, back, etc., or if nerves are generally slow as in diabetic neuropathy.

The second part of the test involves inserting a small pin into various muscles to actually listen to the sound of the electrical signal in the muscle.  This can identify if there is damage to nerve fibers.

The testing can be uncomfortable though generally tolerable.  Dr. Benjamin strives to make the testing as comfortable as possible. His EMG lab will be warm and inviting, not sterile and cold.  Patients deserve to be made comfortable in the midst of unpleasant procedures.  In that light this adjustable memory foam bed is offer over clinical exam table.