Our 12-year-old son has been a patient of Dr. Benjamin’s for the last seven years.  From his very first appointment as a tiny 5-year-old, he has loved going to see Dr. B.  As parents, we know that our son is getting the best care possible; Dr. B. offers different treatment options while trusting us to choose what’s best for our son.  He is a true partner with us in helping our child have the best possible treatment outcomes while reaching his highest potential.  He does all of this with kindness and humor, which is priceless for us and especially for our son.  You know you have a great doctor when your child is excited to go see him!

Rhonda, mother or Mitch


My family will ask if the trigger point injections I get from Dr. Benjamin help.  Yes they do; and I want someone who’s as caring as Dr. Benjamin.   When you are getting injected up to 15 times in one visit you want a doctor who cares.  Dr. Benjamin can walk into the examination room & know I’m  not good by looking at me.  Even if I’m smiling trying to look & feel better than I am.  He’s that rare doctor who pays attention to his patient as someone who matters.  He takes the time to talk with you.  If you have a question don’t be afraid to ask him.  If he doesn’t know the answer to a question he will find out.  Thank you Dr. Benjamin and your staff for all that you do.

Dawn Pouliot